‘The Last’ NYTimes Review: A Revelation Leaves a Family Shattered By Glenn Kenny

“Still: the harrowing outlandishness of the dramatic situation is almost sufficient to emotionally concuss the viewer. And the movie is quite accomplished in the most important respects. Its peculiar rhythms, in which certain characters conduct nearly uninterrupted monologues of over 10 minutes, seem entirely deliberate, as does the sometimes plain affect of the performers.”

“As the impossible Claire, the longtime character actor Rebecca Schull (a 90-year-old playing 92) is spectacular. Her character is lucid in her awfulness, and she almost never shuts up, relating endless anecdotes that don’t just force her family to face awful truths, but rub their noses in them. The movie’s finale is both satisfying and shame-inducing about their situation, which is wholly apt.”  link to full article