Reviews for THE LAST

James van Maanen, TrustMovies – “And though the story is told almost exclusively through conversation, which includes a ton of exposition, so well-performed is the film — especially by Birney, Shull and Lawrence —  that I think you won’t mind. Lipsky’s latest, entitled THE LAST, may be one of his best.”
NYTimes – “Still: the harrowing outlandishness of the dramatic situation is almost sufficient to emotionally concuss the viewer. And the movie is quite accomplished in the most important respects. Its peculiar rhythms, in which certain characters conduct nearly uninterrupted monologues of over 10 minutes, seem entirely deliberate, as does the sometimes plain affect of the performers.
Harvey Karten, Member, New York Film Critics Online, ShockYa! – “Her granddaughter Melody (Julie Fain Lawrence), married to would-be graphic novelist Harry (Reed Birney), can identify strongly with Claire, given that Melody lost both of her parents in the war. “The Last” is a daring film that can be appreciated by a select, sophisticated audience.   Acting  – B+
The Hollywood Reporter – Frank Schenck  –     “The latest effort from independent movie distributor and filmmaker Jeff Lipsky (Mad Women, Flannel Pajamas) feels like a gift to actors. The Last features showpieces for several members of its ensemble cast…To say that thespians live for opportunities such as this is an understatement…The movie is  certainly worth seeing”