Concussion – a film by Stacie Passon




 filmed fall of 2011

After her head is hurt in an accident, Abby has a hard time settling back into her life as an assimilated, disengaged, wealthy suburban, housewife.  She is married to Kate, a divorce attorney, and they have two children. Laying in the hospital, disoriented, she resolves to go back to work.  To that end, she buys a fixer-upper in Manhattan and begins to renovate with her contractor.  Still bored while in the city, she visits a female sex worker… and then another and eventually becomes entangled in the world herself.  Soon Abby’s suburban and city life begin to intersect as she struggles to reconcile her emotional and sexual needs.  Concussion is, above all, a third wave-feminist character study of a woman who, given every opportunity, still finds herself lost in modern world.  It is also a story of the hunger and longing –  a woman who, sexually-abandoned by the partner she loves, finds an socially unorthodox way to replace the intimacy she craves.!/ConcussionMOV